7 Examples of Passive Communication 

Passive communication can have negative impact on your relationships and career. Watch out for these signs in yourself >

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Avoiding Eye Contact 

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Avoiding eye contact can signal discomfort or a reluctance to engage. It might hinder open communication. 

Non Assertive Body Language

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Body language speaks volume. arms or slouching, might convey disinterest or discomfort. 

Apologizing Excessively

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Constantly apologizing, even for trivial things, may undermine your confidence and convey a passive tone. 

Using Indirect Language To Avoid Confrontation

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If you often use non-committal phrases like "I guess" or "I don't know," it might be passive communication. 

Difficulty in Saying No

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Difficulty saying no can lead to overcommitment and resentment. Learning to set boundaries is crucial. 

Fear of Expressing Disagreement 

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Disagreements are a natural part of communication. Embrace healthy debates as opportunities for growth. 

Downplaying Achievements 

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Don't minimize your accomplishments or talents. Celebrate your achievements.  You've worked hard, and recognition is deserved. 

What to do if you're a Passive Communicator?

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