8 Best AI Tools For Teachers For Fun & Effective Education

AI tools for teachers
AI tools for teachers

Are you bored of the same traditional ways of teaching and want to spice your teaching methods using AI tools? You have come to the right place.

Ever since the advancement of AI, it has revolutionized the educational landscapes. If you are not taking advantages of these tools, you are giving away a great opportunity to make your classes interesting. But do not worry. We have got your back !

In this article, we will delve into the top 8 AI tools for teachers. With these tools, you will be able to make learning effective and fun for your dear students. Not only that, you will also be able to develop professionally as a teacher. So, let’s find out what these tools are !

Why AI tools for teachers?

So why do you think teachers or educators should be using AI tools?

Well, the educational landscape has been changing. So, using old teaching methodologies will not help you get ahead in your career nor in your student’s heart.

By using AI tools, as an educator you can have the following benefits:

  • Personalized Learning Experiences

By using AI tools, you can collect data on your students and analyze them thoroughly. The data can be their grade sheet or their attitude towards their friends and seniors or even their learning preferences. These AI tools can help you to make personalized content for each of your students. This will increase their understanding of subject matters and foster an interactive learning environment.

  • Efficiency in Administrative Tasks

As a teacher, you cannot escape routine work. Be it grading or attendance work. This work can be tedious and time-consuming. But with AI tools, you can get these clerical works done in a few minutes. AI tools can easily create lesson plans, plan activities, and assessments for you saving your time significantly. With these tools, you can focus more on teaching and less on clerical work.

  • Support for Diverse Learning Needs

You can also use AI tools to cater to the needs of students with diverse learning needs. With AI, you can support students with disabilities too. This is all possible through the personalization that AI tools provide. It makes learning inclusive and fun.

8 Best AI Tools for Teachers

In this digital world where techonolgies are developing incessantlt, AI tools are must useful tools for teachers. From persoanlized learning experiences to catering to the diverse learning needs of students, AI tools have proven to be an effective helper for educators. So, what are the AI tools that you can use ?

Now, let’s look at the 8 best AI tools for teachers and how they can help you.

AI tools for teachers
8 AI Tools For Teachers

1. Twee

One of Twee’s notable features is its Video Question Generator. You can use this function to transform any public YouTube video into an educational checkpoint.

Twee also ensures that students understand the content they watch by generating relevant questions based on the video. This feature enhances engagement and promotes active learning by prompting students to interact with the material actively. You can customize the generated questions to match specific learning objectives or curriculum requirements. You can try this tool for free but if you want to access more features you will have to buy the subscription.

  • Monthly Plan: $7.49 if paid annually.
  • Additional Feature: Convert Audio & Video to Text

2. Quizizz

Using this tool, you can create engaging quizzes and lessons, conduct formative assessments, and assign homework in the form of games. With this gamified approach, Quizizz provides leaderboards and competitive elements that motivate students to participate actively.

On the other hand, you can also provide immediate feedback to students regarding their performance. This will allow students to learn at their own pace while also fostering self-learning.

Quizizz for Schools Pricing 2024:

  • Premier: $99 per user.
  • Standard: $59 per user.

3. Slidesgo

Slidesgo offers specialized templates for educational purposes that you can use to make appealing presentations about any topic.

4. Eduaide.AI

Some key features of Eduaide.AI include lesson planning tools that generate customized lesson plans based on the teacher’s needs. It can also create supplemental teaching resources like worksheets, presentations, and multimedia materials. You can also use this tool to make interactive quizzes, tests, and other evaluations.

It also provides personalized learning experiences tailored to individual student needs. You can give feedback to your students and encourage immersive learning. You can use this AI for free but if you want advances features then you can buy subscription at $5.99/month.

5. Lumen5

Using Lumen5, you can create videos just by giving a prompt. You do not need expertise in video making and editing with this tool.

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your text into engaging videos. It gives you access to a library of images, videos, and music to enhance your creations. Using the right visuals and sounds, you can make your videos stand out

The price range for lumen5 goes like this:

  • Basic:$19 USD per month
  • Starter: $59 USD per month
  • Professional: $149 USD per month

6. Owlift

You can use this tool to break down complex topics into simpler explanations. It offers a user-friendly interface, covering various subjects like science, history, and literature. You can input parameters such as grade level and subject, and the tool generates tailored questions, enhancing classroom engagement.

You can buy the following package to get unlimited uses over the AI.

Teacher Suite: $11.99/month

7. Grammarly

Grammarly provides immediate feedback to help improve your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You can utilize Grammarly’s suggestions to guide your students in refining their writing style, improving sentence structure, and enhancing overall clarity.

You can get these features in the free version but if you want features like plagiarism detection and advanced writing feedback, you can get Grammarly premium at $12 USD/ month.

8. AudioPen

It utilizes advanced AI algorithms to accurately transcribe voice recordings. This AI tool helps to save your time while also boosting your creativity.

You can use this AI for free but if you want to unlock advances featured besides transcribing your voice, you have to buy a monthly subscription.

Wrapping Up: AI tools for teachers

AI tools for teachers
Teacher using AI

As we look towards the future of education, the potential for further advancement in AI technologies promises even greater opportunities for both teachers and students.

The implications of these developments extend far beyond the classroom. We can look forward to a future where education is more accessible, personalized, and effective. As the educational landscape continues to evolve with the help of AI, teachers must learn to implement these tools in teaching. However, it is also important to be mindful of their limitations.

The journey into the AI-enhanced educational future is just beginning. And, the possibilities are as limitless as the technology itself, holding the promise to redefine learning for generations to come.


How can AI enhance teaching?

AI can significantly enhance teaching by helping teachers create and supplement educational content. With AI-powered platforms, teachers can efficiently curate educational resources, generate lessons, activities, and assessments, and even facilitate discussions and presentations by simply inputting a few keywords.

Can AI replace teachers?

No, AI cannot replace teachers entirely. While AI can help teachers and students to make the learning experience fun, AI cannot replace teachers. AI lacks the human touch and empathy that is essential for the mental and professional growth of students. Teachers are an important presence in students’ lives that cannot replicated by AI.

Is Google Classroom an AI tool?

Google Classroom is not an AI tool itself, but it includes various AI-powered features and tools to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Is Canva an AI tool ?

No, Canva itself is not an AI, but it utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) tools to enhance design creation

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