10 Best Remote Work Tools To Work From Home in 2024

With the advancement of technologies, the way we do things have changed a lot over the past years. Even our working culture has changed quite drastically. From travelling to our office to now working directly from home, the surge of remote working has transformed the way we perform our work.

While remote work allows you to have a better work-life balance, remote work also has it’s challenges which can destroy your work life as a whole.

But do not worry! We have got you.

In this article, we have compiled a list of ” Top 10 Best Remote Work Tools ” for you. These tools will help you overcome the challenges that comes as a remote worker. They will not help you enhance your productivity but also help you grow professionally. So, without any further ado, let’s find out what these tools are!

What is Remote Work ?

Before we dive into the world of remote work tools, let’s first understand what remote work is all about!

Remote work, in simple terms, means working from home. It is the practice of employees in which they perform their job duties from a location other than the traditional office setting.

Through remote work, you can do your job while still being in the comfort of your home or anywhere you like.

Benefits of Remote Work

We can say that remote work has lots to offer to our working culture and is here to stay.

Now, here’s a list of benefits that shows why remote work isn’t just going anywhere:

  • Increased Productivity

When you are working from home, you can take breaks from distractions caused by busy work environment of your office. You can also get rid of travelling in a busy commute. This saves your time and helps you relax resulting in increased productivity.

  • Better Work-Life Balance

Remote works offer flexibility to the employees. It means that you can adjust your work schedule while accommodating your family responsibilities as well as personal appointments. You can also simply work during your productive hours. This way you can have a better work-life balance.

  • Cost Savings

With remote work, both employees and employers can benefit from cost savings. As an employee, you can save on commuting expenses, such as gas, parking, and vehicle maintenance. While your boss can reduce overhead costs related to office space, utilities, and other operational expenses.

Challenges of Remote Work

While remote work has amazing benefits, there’s are also challenges associated with it. Let’s now look at some challenges and problems of remote work!

  • Communication Barriers

Effective communication can be a challenge when working remote. This is because you have fewer opportunities to do face-to-face interactions with your employer or clients. You are likely to get caught in misunderstandings and miscommunications if you cannot read body language or have impromptu discussions.

  • Distractions at Home

While you can get free from distraction from your busy work environment, working from home can present its own set of distractions. These distractions come in the form of household chores, family members, pets, or even the temptation to procrastinate. You can have a hard time maintaining focus and productivity.

  • Loneliness and Isolation

Unlike in traditional office setting where you have to socialize frequently, remote working doesn’t involve much social interaction. Because of this lack of interactions, you might feel lonely and isolated. This can adversely affect your mental health overall job satisfaction.

10 Best Remote Work Tools

However, these challenges of remote working can be solved with various tools for remote working.

To help you overcome these challenges and maximize your productivity while working from home, we have listed ” Top 10 Best Remote Work Tools” for you. So, let’s jump right into it!

  1. Zoom
  2. Dialpad
  3. Slack
  4. Trello
  5. Asana
  6. Basecamp
  7. Google Drive
  8. Dropbox
  9. Rescue time
  10. Forest app
Top 10 Best Remote Work Tools To Work From Home
10 Best Remote Work Tools To Work From Home

Remote Work Tools For Communication And Collaboration

1. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular remote work tools that is used in communication. Zoom provides you a platform for virtual meetings, screen sharing, and collaboration. All you need for Zoom is a good internet connection and you can contact your clients, workers or even employer at any time. Zoom even allows you to record the meeting incase you miss out on important stuffs.

Price: You can use free version of Zoom but with the free version you will only have 40 mins of call limit. If you want more features with unlimited call limit, you can try the following paid version:

  • Pro: $12.49/month
  • Business: $18.32/month

2. Dialpad

Price: You can use this tool for free to make video calls . But if you want to enjoy more advanced features, you have to buy the following subscription:

  • Standard: $23/month
  • Pro: $35/month

3. Slack

With Slack, you can create different channels for various projects or topics, making teamwork organized. Plus, you can shoot off quick messages to your teammates for one-on-one chats. Slack can not only be used for messaging but also sharing files, and team collaboration.

Price: You can use this tool for free but for advanced features like unlimited access, you will have to buy subscription:

  • Pro: $7.25 USD/month
  • Business: $12.50 USD/month

Remote Work Tools For Project Management

Remote Work Tools For Project Management

4. Trello

Trello is one of the best remote work tools when it comes to projects management. It is suitable for small teams and individuals when working remotely.

In Trello, the task are represented in cards. Each card in Trello can be customized and organized into different stages of your project. You can even add colors, images, or files to make things more visual and engaging. Plus, you can collaborate with your team by inviting them to join your board.

Price: You can use Trello for free if you have small teams with less project. But for multiple projects handling, you have to buy the subscription package:

  • Standard: $5USD Per user/month if billed annually ($6 billed monthly)
  • Premium: $10USD Per user/month if billed annually ($12.50 billed monthly)
  • Enterprise: $17.50USD Per user/month – billed annually ($210.00 annual price per user)

5. Asana

It offers various features such as task assignments, deadlines, file attachments, and customizable views, making it a valuable tool for remote working.

Price: You can use Asana for free if you are using it for small teams but if you have large team, you will have to buy the subscription :

  • Starter: US$10.99 Per user per month
  • Advanced: US$24.99 Per user per month

6. Basecamp

It provides message boards, to-do lists, file storage, real-time group chat, and automated check-in questions within each project. You can easily use this for your small to medium-sized remote teams.

Price: The price scheme for Basecamp goes as follows:

  • Basecamp: $4.19 r per month
  • Basecamp pro unlimited: $57.48 per month

Remote Work Tools For Cloud Storage And File Sharing

Remote Work Tools For Cloud Storage And File Sharing

7. Google Drive

From documents to presentations, you can use Google drive to virtually store almost anything. You can also share these stored files with your colleagues, clients, or collaborators easily.

Price: You can use Google drive for free but it has limited space. So if yo want to buy unlimited storage, you have to buy subscription. The price schemes goes like this:

  • Basic: $6.00 per month
  • Business: $ 12.00 per month

8. Dropbox

You can store and share Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Microsoft Office files, and Dropbox Paper documents. You can access these files from anywhere at anytime as long as you have internet connection.

Price: You can use a free version of it with limited storage of 2 GB but if you want more storage you can buy the subscription package with the following pricing.

  • Plus: $9.99 / month
  • Essentials: $16.58 / month
  • Business: $15 / user / month
  • Business Plus: $24 / user / month

Remote Work Tools For Time Tracking and Productivity

9. Rescue Time

It also provides feedback on your time allocation while also managing your schedules. With Rescue time, you can always stay focused and boost your productivity.

Price: You can try the lite version of Rescue Time for free but if you want advanced features then you can purchase the subscription plan at the following price :

  • Premium: At US$12/month

10. Forest app

With Forest app, you can plant virtual trees while you concentrate on your tasks. As you resist the temptation to use your phones, your trees grow. You can get virtual representation of your focus by using this app. This way you can organize your work sessions, and maintain concentration.

Price: You can use this app for free on android but to unlock some features like ad blocks you have to purchase the subscription which is $3.99.

Wrapping UP : Remote Work Tools

Top 10 Best Remote Work Tools To Work From Home

While remote working is certainly revolutionizing the work cultures around the world, it also comes with some challenges.

But by utilizing the right tools, you can easily overcome these challenges and boost your productivity in your work-from-home environment. Whether you’re communicating with your team or managing projects, the tools mentioned in this article have got you covered. If you want to level up your remote work-life, you have got to use these tools right away!


What are remote working tools ?

Remote working tools are the applications or software that enables a person to work from anywhere instead of traditional office setting. These tools help remote workers collaborate, communicate, and stay productive while working remotely.

What is an example of remote work?

An example of remote work is Web designing.

How can I maintain work-life balance while working remotely?

While working remotely, you can maintain work-life balance by establishing dedicated workspace, setting boundaries between work and personal time, taking regular breaks, and prioritizing self-care activities

What are the best remote work tools for team communication?

Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams are top choices for keeping your team connected and engaged in the virtual workspace.

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