Is Novel AI worth it? The Ultimate Guide With Reviews + Tips

Is Novel AI worth it? Know Everything: Ultimate Guide & Review

Novel AI has recently gained a lot of popularity as an AI Storyteller and Image Generator. But is Novel AI worth it?

The best part is that you don’t need to be a tech expert to use NovelAI. Simply provide the tool with a few words of guidance, and it will craft a compelling story for you. We have done a lot of research on this tool so that you don’t have to. You can also try out the free trial version for story generation and text adventures to get a taste of what it offers yourself.

In this NovelAI guide, we’ll dive deep into this tool’s features, performance, and whether it’s worth investing your time and money in. By the end, you’ll be able to answer for yourself if NovelAI is the Best AI Storyteller and Image Generator in 2023. So, let’s begin!

Features of Novel AI

The top 3 features of Novel AI are Storytelling Mode, Text Adventure Mode, and Image Generation Mode. Its other features include Free Trail, Custom settings editor, Secured Stories, Wide Writing Styles, and its Easy-to-Use.

  1. Storyteller Mode: Generate unique and creative stories with just a few inputs, allowing you full control over the content and easy edits.
  2. Text Adventure Mode: Immerse yourself in a text-based game where you set the setting and characters while the AI handles the actions based on your input.
  3. Image Generation Mode: Enhance your stories with fantasy-style images created based on simple text input, adding visual appeal to your narratives.
  4. Free Trial: Enjoy a generous free trial that allows for 50 story generations and text adventures, providing a chance to explore the tool’s capabilities.
  5. Custom Editor: Personalize the AI editor by customizing fonts, colors, and layouts to create a comfortable and visually appealing writing environment.
  6. Secured Stories: Safeguard your work as all AI-generated content belongs to you and is securely stored on encrypted servers, ensuring its protection.
  7. Wide Writing Styles: Access a diverse range of writing techniques and styles, from Stephen King to William Shakespeare, enabling versatile storytelling.
  8. Easy-to-Use: With a user-friendly interface, simply provide input and let the AI generate creative and compelling output effortlessly.

What is Novel AI mostly used for?

NovelAI is mostly used to easily write unique stories, exciting tales, seductive romances, or just to entertain yourselves. It is a versatile tool made for a wide audience and caters to aspiring writers, novelists, and content creators seeking assistance and inspiration in their creative writing endeavors. Some use cases of Novel AI include:

  1. Storytelling and Idea Generation: NovelAI helps writers generate new story ideas, develop compelling characters, and craft engaging plotlines from scratch, providing a valuable resource for storytelling and idea exploration.
  2. Writing Assistance and Inspiration: For individuals facing writer’s block, Novel AI serves as a creative companion, generating dialogues, narratives, and descriptive passages that can ignite inspiration and fuel the writing process.
  3. Editing and Refinement: This tool goes beyond initial draft generation, offering suggestions and improvements for refining storylines, character development, and pacing. It assists writers in the editing and revision process, ensuring their work reaches its full potential.
  4. Image Generation: In addition to its writing capabilities, the feature of NovelAI image generator complements storytelling. Users can provide simple text input to imagine and visualize fantasy-style artwork, enhancing the visual aspects of their stories, novels, or other creative projects.

Novel AI image generator is a paid feature particularly very famous around Japan. It is commonly used to make anime characters, especially female characters with preferred features.

Advantages of Novel AI

The advantages of Novel AI include an extensive free trial that doesn’t require sign-up, creative AI algorithms, multiple modes, the writing styles of famous authors, and good data security.

  1. Extensive free trial allowing users to explore storytelling and text adventure features.
  2. Easy to use without requiring sign-up.
  3. Creative AI algorithms generate unique and fast-paced stories with minimal guidance.
  4. Multiple modes are available, including text adventure and image generation.
  5. Offers writing styles of famous authors and customizable editor features.
  6. Ensures data security with XSalsa20 Encryption and protects user work.

Disadvantages of Novel AI

The disadvantages and limitations of Novel AI include limited Capabilities in the free trial, Clunky user Interface, Website issues, Lacking full story option, No money-back guarantee, a steep learning curve, and irrelevant ideas.

  1. Limited capabilities in the free trial, with image generation behind a paywall.
  2. Clunky user interface, lacking clear instructions and sign-up options.
  3. The website itself can cause issues sometimes.
  4. Generates stories piece by piece, lacking a “full story” option.
  5. No money-back guarantee, unlike some other AI writing tools.
  6. Steep learning curve without sufficient guidance provided.
  7. Occasional robotic, irrelevant, or nonsensical generated ideas.
  8. Also, the best AI storyteller (Krake) is available only in the most expensive plan.

How to Use Novel AI?

To embark on your storytelling adventure with Novel AI, follow these simple steps:

NovelAI Homepage
NovelAI Homepage

Begin by visiting the user-friendly NovelAI website at You’ll land on the home page, from which you can choose “Learn More” or “Start writing for free”. Click on this enticing start button to dive into the world of creative storytelling.

Basically, there are 3 modes of NovelAI:

1. Storytelling Mode
2. Text Adventure Mode
3. Image Generation Mode

However, the Novel AI image generator (NAI Diffusion) option will not be available to you unless you have a paid account.

So, if you’re a new user this is what you’re going to see:

Welcome to NovelAI

1. NovelAI Storytelling

Once you choose the Storytelling Mode you’ll be able to craft unique and captivating stories from the depths of your imagination.

You’ll first be taken to- Tutorial: Crystal Dragon Encounter, but you can also go back and chose the “New Story” option.

As the text editor unfolds before you, it’s time to breathe life into your narrative. Start by entering your initial input—a sentence, a story prompt, or the first glimpse of an enchanting tale. For example, you could begin with the magical phrase, “Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom…”

Novel AI storytelling Textbox

You’re only one click away from generating an enticing story. Click the “Send” button nestled in the bottom right corner of the editor. The tool’s powerful algorithms will weave their spell and generate a mesmerizing continuation to your initial input.

Storytelling Mode

This is what it generated from the given prompt, pretty exciting right? It has chosen great names for the characters as well as the places and has managed to make a storyline out of only a few words. But, if this is not the theme or genre you’re looking for, you can press on the “Retry” button and the AI will give you alternative suggestions. For example:

Retry storytelling

Now if you like where this story is going you can keep pressing send and the AI will generate more ideas. However, the AI can have trouble staying in the same path, and sometimes this tool does not understand the context and can give meaningless outputs at times.

NovelAI works best when generating ideas from scratch or starting with an open mind. If you already have a specific direction in mind for your story, it may be challenging to guide this tool toward that particular path. While it can be a little tricky, you can steer the AI into following your specific ideas.

Firstly, you can always change the things you don’t like about the given output and send it to continue along with your storyline. This way you might have to keep making edits after every send but it will definitely make your story better than just leaving it completely in the hands of an AI.

Secondly, you can play with the settings of NovelAI to control how it generates the ideas, the tone it uses, the genre, etc.

Basic NovelAI Settings

The basic NovelAI settings is pretty simple, you can choose from different AI Models, AI Module, etc. Customizing the settings depends on the specific context and story you’re working on. One important feature is “Memory,” where you provide basic context for the AI to remember as it continues generating the story. This helps the AI stay on track and remember important details like the characters’ details, the goal, etc.

NovelAI Advanced settings

NovelAI’s Advanced setting has more than what can be seen here, and it can also be quite intimidating if you’re new at this. However, once you understand and master the settings, Novel AI can greatly improve its performance compared to the default settings. You can learn more about their settings here.

Also, while using the default settings of this tool, writing in genres like romance or erotica can work surprisingly well even with simple prompts. But you can definitely use it for other genres and come up with unique and original stories. Try it for yourself and let us know how it goes in the comments.

2. NovelAI Text Adventure

The next mode of NovelAI is Text Adventure which is still in progress. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its benefits. In this mode, you can create your own interactive text-based games. You start by generating characters and scenes, and then you give instructions to your character using commands like “DO,” “SAY,” and “STORY.” The AI uses its creativity to play the game based on your input.

NovelAI Text Adventure Mode

In this mode, there’s no right or wrong, and the game relies on your imagination. As you progress, you’ll discover that it can unfold into a captivating story. Typos are not a problem as the AI understands the context and responds accordingly.

You can use this pretty much the same way as for the Storytelling Mode. You can write a few words as a prompt then press send. If you’re not satisfied with the output, you can simply “Retry” to get a different response. Even the Basic and Advanced settings are the same as the Storytelling Mode so you can choose what path you want to take with the story.

Text adventures are a fantastic tool for fiction authors to develop storylines that can later be used for comics, short stories, or novels. Best of all, this mode is free to try, so you can experience the joy of creating your own text adventure game!

3. NovelAI Image Generator: NAI Diffusion

NovelAI Image Generator or NAI Diffusion is the most popular and exciting feature of this AI tool that allows you to bring your stories to life with captivating visuals. With its text-to-image capabilities, you can easily illustrate your narratives in the style of Anime, Manga, or Web Novels.

However, it is not free, and is only available in the paid plans, starting from $10 per month.

How does NovelAI Image Generator work?

NovelAI image generator works by using a text description provided by the user to create unique and original images. The AI algorithm interprets the descriptive text and generates visuals that align with the provided description.

By providing it with descriptive text, the AI generates unique and original images that perfectly complement your storytelling. Whether you want to depict a dystopian landscape with rugged mountains and thunderstorms on a distant planet or a mystic wonderland amidst a thunderstorm, Novel AI can create visually stunning artwork based on your vision.

NovelAI Diffusion (Image Generation)

In the Prompt box, you can write a description of your desired image. You also have an option to choose the size (portrait, landscape, etc.) of the image you want, and the number of images you want if you scroll down. If you want something removed from the image you can simply write it in the ‘undesirable content’ box and the AI will do the rest.

There are Two Modes of NovelAI Image Generator or NAI Diffusion that you can choose from, which helps you create images and ideas directly from your mind into reality: NovelAI Diffusion Anime and NovelAI Diffusion Furry.

You will be given the option to choose like this:

NovelAI Diffusion Modes (NAI Diffusion)

NAI Diffusion Anime (Curated and Full)

NAI Diffusion Fnime or NovelAI Diffusion Anime has a Curated and Full version of the image generator, and this model specializes in generating anime-themed images. Users can provide text descriptions, and the AI will create unique anime-style visuals based on the given input. The curated version ensures high-quality and carefully selected anime artwork, while the full version offers a broader range of options for image generation.

NAI Diffusion Furry (Beta)

NAI Diffusion Furry or NovelAI Diffusion Furry is a Beta version of the image generator, and it focuses on generating furry and anthropomorphic animal-themed content. Users can describe their desired furry characters or settings, and the AI will create corresponding images. This model is still in the beta phase, indicating that it is undergoing continuous development and improvement.

Novel AI image generator also allows for customization, giving you the freedom to tweak parameters and refine the visuals according to your artistic vision. It’s an incredible way to add depth and visual appeal to your stories.

Here is an example of a NovelAI Generated Image:

NovelAI generated image of a Pretty Girl Elf
Novel AI Generated Images
Source: Scroller

Also note that NAI Diffusion is becoming a popular tool to create animated girls for Adult content creation because users have the freedom to input text prompts that involve adult themes, settings, or scenarios. The tool’s flexibility allows individuals to explore different genres and themes, including those of a Seductive and Erotic nature, based on their personal preferences and storytelling needs.

One remarkable aspect is that all AI-generated images are completely unique, ensuring that you can use them freely in your comics, stories, and novels without any concerns about copyright infringement.

Novel AI Prices

Novel AI Pricing
NovelAI Pricing

As mentioned in this image NovelAI Prices includes:

Paper: Free Trial
Tablet: $10 per month
Scroll: $15 per month
Opus: $25 per month

Is Novel AI Free?

Novel AI has a free plan but with limited features for story generation and it does not include any kind of image generation.

The image generation mode is unlocked in the lowest price plan (Tablet) of $10 per month, after that you get features like more memory and unlimited text generation, and in the highest paid plan (Opus) of $25 per month you unlock Krake which is NovelAI’s best storyteller.

You can choose a plan for yourself according to your needs and expectations from this tool. If you’re just looking to have fun then you can keep using the free trial, but if you want an AI image generator, you need to upgrade to the “Tablet” plan. For professional writers and other content makers, the better option would be the “Scroll” or “Opus” plan as they have great features that can definitely help you!

So, is NovelAI the Best AI Storyteller and Image Generator in 2023?

NovelAI stands as one of the top AI storytellers and image generators in 2023, but if it is the best really depends on what you want to use it for. The platform has a very impressive story generation and customizable image creation through text-to-image functionality. It is an excellent choice for authors, storytellers, and creators who value creativity and imagination over factual accuracy. We have explored its benefits, limitations, and unique features extensively so that you can decide for yourself. There are of course alternatives to both storytelling and image generation features, such as:

NovelAI Storyteller Alternatives:

NovelAI Image Generator Alternatives:

However, what sets Novel AI apart is its unique integration of text-to-image functionality. By providing descriptive text, users can generate images specifically tailored to their stories and illustrations. This feature makes it an excellent choice for authors and storytellers looking to bring their narratives to life with original and copyright-free visuals.

Final Verdict

While alternatives exist, Novel AI’s focus on fiction, customization options, and free trial makes it a compelling option for those seeking AI-powered creativity. Whether you’re looking to overcome writer’s block, enhance your storytelling, or create captivating illustrations, NovelAI is a valuable companion on your creative journey.


Is NovelAI free to use?

No, NovelAI is not completely free to use but it does offer a free trial version with limited features. To unlock its full functionality, including the image generation feature, it requires a paid subscription starting at $10 per month.

Which is better: Novel AI vs ChatGPT

NovelAI is better if you’re looking to create compelling stories or generate unique images. However, if you need a versatile conversational AI for various tasks and interactions, ChatGPT is the better option. Novel AI is designed for creative storytelling and image generation, while ChatGPT is focused on conversational AI.

Is NAI Diffusion Free?

NAI Diffusion (Image Generator) is not free. It is a paid feature of Novel AI that offers advanced text-to-image generation capabilities for which you need to subscribe to one of their paid plans, starting from $10 per month.

Is Novel AI Worth It?

Novel AI is definitely worth it for authors and storytellers looking to unleash their creativity with AI-generated stories and images, with its easy-to-use interface, unique features like text adventure mode and image generation, and customizable options.

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